Cygwin_ansvr folder on external drive? does not take up much room on my SSD C-drive, but cygwin_ansvr tale up some 18 GB. I would like to more cygwin_ansvr to my 5 TB removable HD. Should I do a complete uninstall and reinstall? Any problems with finding the cygwin-ansrv files on my E-drive?

I believe Cygwin should be able to find the files … it should be simple enough to Copy the installation over and give it a shot without destroying your current installation.


The index files consume most of the space. You can move them wherever you want then use the Folder button in the Index Downloader to tell ansvr where the index files are located.

Thanks Andy and Jared!

I had the same issue as the default location is under %LOCALAPPDATA%" which points to
LOCALAPPDATA=C:\Users\YourLoginID\AppData\Local and i wanted it off my C Drive quickly

So I installed Astrometry.Net to D:

Then I moved the cygwin_ansvr folder completely to the root of my D: drive which is also an SSD

Then I edited each batch file in that folder

e.g. D:\Program Files (x86)\ Local Solver\stop_ansvr.bat


@echo off
if defined LOCALAPPDATA (
) else (
set “d=%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data”
“%d%”\cygwin_ansvr\bin\bash.exe -l -c /opt/ansvr/ansvr


@echo off
CD D:\cygwin_ansvr\bin
bash.exe -l -c /opt/ansvr/ansvr

Of course you should only download the files you need as the small field of view catalogs are enormous. for say 30-60 arc minute fields of view you really don’t need much and putting it all on an SSD dramatically speeds things up. Blind Solves really fly.

Good Luck