local solver automatic configuration


Ken and Jared,

Since you guys are in the process of reworking some of the settings UI, maybe you could consider the following…

Configuring SGP to use a local instance (ANSVR) requires copy/pasting some obscure text into the endpoint setting.

Could SGP have a dedicated plate solver selection for Ansvr so that users do not need to do the manual configuration? Something like this:

Plate Solving Interface:

If one chooses ansvr, SGP can read the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\adgsoftware\ansvr\port
to get the port number that ansvr is listening on and construct the endpoint URL automatically and spare the user from the somewhat error-prone step of configuring it manually.

The solver choices probably still need to keep the endpoint setting accessible in case a user wants to use an alternate server URL, for example, ansvr running on a different PC from SGP.



Probably a good idea, but unfortunately it is deeper than a UI change. We’ll keep it on the list though.