Asynchronous image analysis after frame download (for efficiency)


I’ve got a pretty slow laptop that I picked up for $50 to image with and SGP runs fine for the most part except for image analysis after downloading. I’ve noticed that it takes a few seconds to analyze the image after it’s been downloaded and since that happens, it’s extra time between exposures which really slows the whole process down. Other programs have implemented a feature where the image downloads and immediately after, it issues a dither call to PHD2, etc. and then starts the next frame while analyzing the last frame on another thread so that it doesn’t stop the actual sequence from being performed. This is a huge boost to efficiency for slower computers and also people that are taking a lot of shorter exposures (like with the ASI 1600 and its good 30s exposures). We’re talking 10% extra imaging time for short exposures like that, which is significant.

If we could have async image analysis that would be awesome and probably doable for the next release since it’s not a huge change.


Download last image and start next frame in parallel?

I agree this would save a lot of dead time for cmos people


good idea, +1



We’re currently working on a lot of performance improvements around image downloading and optimizing the time spent doing these things with “lucky imaging” in mind. Although the changes will affect all cameras. I don’t have a timeline but I’m hopeful that we can start rolling out some of these performance improvements within the next month or so.



Awesome. That’s great news. Thanks!


Ooh! Looking forward to this, Jared! Can’t wait! Async image processing will be a huge improvement. I often do manual focusing early in the evening. I’ve done it so far just by visually inspecting stars (and, since I use CMOS with generally shorter exposures, this works ok). But having the image history, without the high overhead it incurs now, would make manual focusing easier to do.

I would use temp compensated focus, but I use a Canon 600mm lens, which has a lot of optical elements, and determining the right comp rate has been difficult. Manually adjusting the focuser is the easiest way to maintain focus and eliminate the costly overhead of full AF runs during the rapid early-evening cooling process. Async processing and no-overhead image history would be wonderful for this!


Still finding my feet with SGPro but loving it so far.
Did this ever get implemented, most of the processing still feels very synchronous?


No, it’s currently still synchronous. Changing this turned out to be a pretty invasive change. But it’s still something we’d like to address.