Atik camera doesn't always connect



I have recently installed a Kodlix mini computer on top of my scope to reduce usb cable length and movement.
I have come across a problem with Windows 10 Pro which is pre-installed on the Kodlix and Main Sequence Pro/SGP and my Atik 414EX camera.

The camera doesn’t always connect when I bring up SGP and connect the equipment in the sequence panel. The camera usb lead goes straight into a USB port, not via a hub and the cable is a high quality cable and 0.5 of a metre.

Sometimes it works three or four time from cold (everything off and rebooted) and then it doesn’t for no apparent reason. All drivers are the latest both the core drivers and the ascom drivers.

The QHY5-ll camera connects ok each time.

I read somewhere that this is a Windows 10 issue and feel sure this problem must have been raised before. Can anyone help?

Kind regards


Had same problem with a Intel NUC, Win 10 Home and Atik 383L+ as I was leaving the camera USB plug in the port when the NUC booted and it would not connect in SGP. I now remove the USB connector and insert it after the PC boots, camera now connects all the time when selected in SGP. Oddly the Atik camera is the only device that with that issue.


Thanks Curtis. That’s really helpful.
I have a colleague who is trying to put a virtual Win 7 on top of Win 10. He tested the Atik on his Win 7 and it worked fine.


The virtual Win 7 didn’t work despite my colleagues best efforts. We are going to try your trick Curtis.


I have a NUC/W7 and a Atik 460EX camera. It connects without problem everytime…unless I forget to power on the camera :slight_smile:


The problem seems to be with W10. My colleagues W7 never fails him but the mini computer I have, and most others come with W10 preloaded and won’t accept W7. Stay with W7 while you can😉 regards David