Atik One 6.0 internal filter wheel issue


Hi folks… I’ve been away for quite a while but am trying to get my shiny astro bits working again. This is probably an ASCOM thing but I can’t find mention of it anywhere…

I just upgraded to SGP 3.x, and installed the latest Atik “SetupAtikCamerasUniversal-” stuff, and selected “install ASCOM drivers”.

I opened an old SGP 2.x sequence that is configured for the Atik One camera and internal filter wheel. I can configure and connect to the camera, and I can connect to the filter wheel, but I can’t configure the wheel via the Device Settings button whether or not it’s connected. I get an ASCOM dialog I’ve never seen before: “In order to connect to the Atik Internal Filter Wheel, the camera must already have been opened in another program”. This happens whether or not the camera is connected.

Now, to be honest I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be able to do in the Device Settings dialog, because I can set the filter positions in the Equipment Profile Manager. Maybe this isn’t really a problem? (It’s been so long since I touched this stuff that I don’t remember how it worked before.)

Dave B
Los Gatos, CA