ATOM Quad Core processor and SGPro

Looking for some guidance. I currently use a NUC computers in my observatory which I remote into. I also have two travel setups that I take out to my dark skies in the spring/summer/fall. For the travel setups I use two laptop, one for each setup. I’m wanting to minimize the wire runs between each setup and the laptops. I would like to use a mini PC that uses the ATOM Quad Core with 4 GB and 64GB eMMC running Windows Pro. The ATOM core is a X5-2850 processor. By doing this I can put one of these mini’s at each mount and remote into them and the only wiring out to the mount will be for power.

Does anyone have any experience using the ATOM Quad core running SGPro? The mini I’m looking at is linked here,

I know it will not be as efficient as the NUC i5 but the cost of the ATOM Quad Core is like the 1/4 the price of the NUC. Also, being in Ohio and working doesn’t give many nights I can get out to my dark skies so I want to minimize the cost of the Mini’s. I also think it will help speed up the setups.

Appreciate your feed back,
Mark M.

i don’t have direct experience but i used an intel stick PC with an atom CPU for maybe a year. it was a little slow, slow enough that i was motivated to update to the m3 version of the stick. i think the atom stick only has 1 hyperthreaded cpu though, so 2 threads.

the latest version of SGP seems to do more UI-related threading and loading of sequence stuff in the background so the atom machine might be more tolerable now… but i haven’t tried it.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if I can do some research on a mini PC with the m3 processor.

Kind Regards,
Mark M.