Audible warning


Can I suggest an audible warning if sequence stumbles at any stage? PhD gives a warming if the guide star is lost but sometimes sgp will fail for a different reason. It would be nice to have audible notification for all sorts of things in sgp but most importantly where it aborts a sequence :slight_smile:


This is related to another feature request: a script interface to notifications. If we had the script interface, a script could generate a sound.


Certainly possible… but for those of us who are not “script inclined” it might be nice to have a UI. On the other hand, I am not necessarily sold on the usefulness of this since SGPro is an automation application. By its very nature, it is not designed to be monitored by a human during execution. Some folks may hand around the computer though…

But we’ll see… if you like it vote on it.


My feeling about the UI vs script issue is that features and options that will be used by a significant number of people should be in the UI but a script interface can be useful for the edge cases so that an advanced user with special requirements can achieve them.

One thing with adding these special requirements to the UI is that their existence on the UI, visible to all, adds complexity for all. Even if people don’t need or use the additional features their presence will make the UI look more complex and people will wonder if they do need to use them.



This is all true.


Maybe an audio notification option via the notification system? (Or for scripts, too.).


Yes, this was the approach I thought was being proposed… again not sure how useful it is…


Although I agree that SGP is an automation application, I support the idea for audio notification. EQMOD can use audio notification that tells the user through an audio-recorded command what the telescope is doing. This is very useful when operating the telescope via remote through software such asTeamviewer etc.

I am sure many of us that operate remotely leave on the remote viewer application on while doing something else. If SGP could produce an audio warning whenever there is a problem, an audio notification could announce certain conditions like “CCD - connection lost” or something similar. UI is the way to go but its settings might not need to be visible on the main screen as not to clutter the display. A simple ‘notch’ (?) on the main display that turns on or off this audio notification could be enough.

This might become an alternative notification system suitable to those that keep their remote viewer software on their PC close by.


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