Auto center error

I’m getting an auto center error when i start the sequence. my workflow
equipment atlas eqg mount, eq mod, sbig 8300M
I start the program and connect all equipment. I manually slew to target using “slew now” under target settings
hit solve and sync and platesolver2 plates solves and apply sync to target
then hit run sequence phd2 starts but when mounts attempts to center error pops up rotator has not been synced
recovery starts and then i hit solve and sync again and restart sequence and it will then center

Am I starting the sequence wrong

sg_logfile_20190904211845.txt (214.3 KB)


It seems like the manual rotator was not connected during your original solve and sync. This prevented it from receiving the sky angle. How are you connecting your gear? Clicking each button or using “Connect All”?

clicking each button

@bcstein12 You’ll need to ensure that you connect the “manual rotator” or it won’t sync to the sky angle.