Auto Center Plate Solve Failure


I just lost my field laptop and have now switched over to my back-up machine running VISTA Premium 32.
I have installed SGP in conjuction with PHD2 V 1.5.0dev6. While trying to image the Wizard Nebula last night, I kept getting a Plate Solve Failure from the Auto Center Routine (Step 2).sg_logfile_20151109205648.txt (74.2 KB)
Hope the attached log helps you. Thanks in advance. Randall

BTW: I can Plate Solve locally (no internet) with with no problem.


Could’ve been an issue with the online program. Did you try switching back over to a local server? I’d recommend installing Plate Solver 2 as well… you just need the APM catalog. I just posted instructions in another thread. I’d go read that and get it running.



Hi Chris,

Yes, I do have Andy Galasso’s local install of It runs like
a charm. I test it out with my previous FITs (and even Jpegs everytime

a program update is released. Works like a charm and no internet required.



So, it works now? Was it just a one-time issue? Did you try Plate Solve2 yet?


Nope…damn weather has curtailed my operations! Maybe try again this
week-end…supposed to be clear.

I might have had thin cloud. I know the humidity that night was about 90%
and the temp was about 3° C.

It was one of those nights when you know things are going to fall apart
before you even start.! Ever had that?

Thanks for your review of my issue.



You can try a plate solve by making a new target and using a previous image. Then call the appropriate plate solve. You’d know at the very least that it works software side.

Then you’re not troubleshooting wasting clear skies :slight_smile:


Yes I do that quite a bit. I pull some of my archived pix out when the weather is the pits and play around with Plate Solving. Kinda neat!