Auto Centering not waiting long enough


Everything was working perfectly , then this problem started to creep up. I do an Auto Meridian Flip, it then starts the auto centering routine BUT before the mount can settle it takes an image and tries to plate solve . Of course the stars are smeared all over the place so the plate solve fails. It does it over and over till the whole centering process fails. It only happens when a Meridian Flip is involved. I increased the settle time from 20 to 30 seconds but haven’t had a chance to try out the new setting. Is there anything else I should be trying to do ??


Log Link :


I just do the delay since I had the same problem. Works well!


Thanks Mads …is there a magic number ?? I increased from 20 secs to 30secs but haven’t had a chance to try it yet.


I use 30 seconds. It really just depends on the mount/scope. If you do a couple of these manually at the beginning of your imaging session, you can see it and make an appropriate decision.

Or, set it to 60 seconds and never worry about it again! :joy:


thanks mads …appreciate the input…still learning , little by little.


Make sure you write all these gotchas down :joy: The worst is switching computers and remembering why you did what you used to do!


aint that the truth … :persevere:


I’ve killed one computer per year of my observatory :joy: Lots of practice!!! :joy: