Auto focus every frame , fault

Hi All, i am having a problem with autofocus. I set it to focus on filter change and also to focus every 5 frames. Lately it has been focusing at the completion of every frame and it seems to lose the correct focus eventually. If i set it to only focus on filter change only it still autofocuses every frame. I have it set to complete the sequence before changing filters. Am i missing something, a setting somewhere that will change this.
Focuser is a sesto senso 2 on a feathertouch.

Is your filter wheel a SBIG CFW8? If you can post a log we can take a look.


Hi Jared , it’s a Moravian G3 16200 inbuilt 5 pos filter wheel. What has it to do with autofocus?
Do I post the log here?

The CFW8 does not report it’s position so it’s pretty common that when using the auto focus on filter change that it will trigger at every frame.

Yes, please provide a dropbox link (or similar) to your logs here.

Thank you,

Thanks Jared, heres a link to 2 nights.


No reply as to the logs as yet, but if i turn off focus on filter change and leave autofocus every x frames would this stop the problem?

Looking at the logs you probably want to do the opposite. Remove the “auto focus every X frames” and leave the filter change. Instead of doing the every 5 frames do every 15 -20 minutes (since you’re taking 3 minute frames). Looking at the logs now. I’m not entirely sure why it’s triggering but it seems to be happening because of the “auto focus every X frames”.


When you get a chance can you attach the sequence file as well? I’ve pulled the sequence out of your log but I’m unable to replicate the issue doing so. I’ve also added more logging around this so we can try and figure out what’s happening.


Hi Jared and thanks, i think the new files are what you want. I did not have this problem prior to the latest update

Looking for the sequence file. It will have a .sgf extension.

This build has additional logging around when auto focus is triggered if you’d like to give it a shot (it will likely not solve your problem)


HI Jared, is this the file you want