Auto focus guide scope



Is it possible to auto focus your main scope and your guide scope at the same time?
Can I run, 2 instances of SGP on the same computer?
Some will say use a OAG, though, I like the extra stars to choose from with a guide scope.

A friend suggested a flip mask and motor focus in ATP. I like the SGP auto focus routine.
Any suggestions?



Hi Scott

Once the guide scope is in focus you shouldn’t need to worry about it- phd will guide all night even if the focus drifts a little.

Focus is critical on your imaging scope as you’ll be keeping the actual images.



Plus, if your guide scope gets a little out of focus, it can actually help your guiding. I always keep mine slightly fuzzy, PHD2 seems to have an easier time locking into stars that way.


Thanks for the info.

I use a ASI290 mini camera for guiding.
It seems to work the best when the guide scope has best focus.
Image scale on the guide cam is 1.24 arc secs and main scope is 0.74 arc secs.
So, I would like sub pixel guiding and I get it when the guide scope has best focus and seeing is ok.
I try to get stars with less than 3 HWM.

The Temperature here can vary as much as 15 - 20 deg c over the night in winter. Summer isn’t as much.
So, I can be refocusing 3 or more times a night. SGP is about automation and having a second camera
capture for focusing might be a pipe dream.

I suppose people with remote Ob’s would use OAGing.