Auto focus no longer working with v2.4.3.8


I have started to have a focus issue after installing v2.4.3.8. Some times it would focus, but most time it did not. Nothing has changed on my system and I checked that all mechanical parts were tight with no slack in the focuser. Even checked with a dial guage.

I include links to a log file and two screen shots. The “focus_oh_dear.jpg” shot shows a typical graph when it’s not working. Some times there are not even any points plotted. And what happens is the focus get moved further out each try, when it does it’s extending range routine.

So last night I uninstalled v2.4.3.8 and re-installed v2.4.3.7. Perfect, see the other screenshot “focus_great.jpg” a text book curve and that is what I usually get.

Each time it goes wrong, I abort the focus because it just seems to throw it out of focus more each try. This applies to both auto focus during a sequence and also when done manually.

The focuser is a Lakeside, running in Windows 7. Backlash is used in SGP and increasing the backlash value does not help.




I think there is an issue with the nebulosity rejection right now. Something about it will rejection everything (HFR 0?). I’m sure they’ll take a look at it in the morning.


Glad you mentioned the nebulosity as I just spotted the slider setting in the above screenshots, the one that is failing has the slider right over to the right. I will try next time adjusting that setting to match the previous version.



No problem, I hope it helps!


I have re-installed v2.4.3.8 adjusted the nebulosity slider from the default full on over to the right to a much lower setting about 1/4 from the left. It now performs the autofocus well :smile:



I had pretty much the same issue when I moved to tonight. I was well focused before starting the AF run, but the first two AF frames found zero stars and HFR of zero. And nothing happened with a lot of the exposures - the timer counted down, the frame reported downloaded, but was not displayed, and the graph did not increment. I reverted to (the version I was last using) and am having no trouble with AF now.



Understood. The bug causing this issue has been fixed, but not released (it can be repaired manually).


Thanks Ken. I’ll hold off for the new version.