Auto focus procedure takes long time


Hi to all,

I have dig forum but did not found answers. I have problem with time of auto-focus procedute - it takes 7 to 9 minutes on binning 1x1. Circumstances:

  • camera: QHY9 (driver download speed set to normal)
  • SGP (gear: camera: checked box with fast download option)
  • focus exposure time 5 sec, focus frame crop by 25%, minimum star size 6px
  • laptop dell Inter Core 2 Duo

I would appreciate any clue.


How does the V curve look during focusing?
You mought want to experiement with different autofocus settings, i suggest 7-9 datapoints as a start, you can also try to experiment with larger step size.
To save download time try 2x2bin.

But…to really figure out what’s going on you will have to upload a log file.
You might also want to post some screenshots of the V curve during autofocus.


my V curve looks like that:


I have 9 datapoints with step size according to manual.
Longer time takes star data analyzing. I am afraid that CPU is the issue :frowning:

Sorry for greenhorn question: where to find log file?


You can find a link to them in the Help menu in SGP.

Also binning would likely help here as it would

  • Decrease the download time
  • Provide a smaller image to analyze

I would bin 2x2 or possibly even 3x3 should still be ok. I never do auto focus at 1x1.



I did autofocus at bin2 and it was 50% faster! Thank you, this is significant time saver :slight_smile:

Here are two last logs, I do not know if it will be helpful: