Auto Guiding: Can not refresh Profile with PHD2

I am trying to connect PHD2 to SGP, but it cannot refresh the PHD2 profiles.
Thanks for looking!

  1. Open PHD2
  2. There is in PHD2 only one profiles called “Zwo SV50 AVX”
  3. Open SGP
  4. Select in the Autoguiding tab PHD2, and Click Settings. Refreshing profiles starts on its own.
  5. Receive the “Could not received PHD2 profiles”
  6. Close SGP
    (Suspected log line error below as well :wink: )

[12/28/2015 7:32:57 AM] [DEBUG] [PHD2 Startup Thread] Sending to PHD2:
{“method”: “get_profiles”, “id”: 1009}
[12/28/2015 7:32:57 AM] [DEBUG] [PHD2 Listener Thread] Could not process PHD2 input: “{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“result”:[{“id”:1,“name”:“My Equipment”},{“id”:2,“name”:“Zwo + AVX”},{“id”:3,“name”:“Zwo SV50 AVX”,“selected”:true}],“id”:1009}” : Invalid property identifier character: . Path ‘result[0]’, line 1, position 28.
sg_logfile_20151228073748.txt (20.7 KB)

I have the same, but I guess it was I was not using 2.5 dev5 … which is the recommended minimum version.


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Fixed with version v2.5.0dev9 found on
Thanks Yves!

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Was having same problem. Dev9 version fixed it as well.