Auto Meridian Flip



The last 10 of April in my sequence NGC6193 my mount arrive at meridian, the SGP apply auto meridian flip at cero °, take photo, solve, center, etc., for me all was finish fine.

But when I saw in PI the photos after auto meridian flip, the photos not have the certer I need. I use QHY10 camera and I haven’t the log this night.

I attach the photo before and after the flip.

Frame 45 before flip and frame 47 after flip.

Thank you




We can’t really do much to help without the log file for that night and also the sequence file (.SGF). Several things can cause that, but the images don’t provide much insight. The one thing I can say is that your mount is very aware of it’s position (meaning SGPro does not think that these positions are the same, but continued anyhow… centering tolerance too big possibly?). The location of each frame is distinctly different:




Hello Ken,

I have one tolerance of 15px (I remember), but when I will have clear skies again, I will send you the SGF file, Log and photo before and after in case I have again the “problem”.

Thank you