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Good morning all,

New poster here so please be gentle :slight_smile: Ok so at the weekend my Lodestar X2 gave up the game and I had to send it back for repair, so I have been trying some short 90s subs unguided to at least give me something to do. However, as I am imaging unguided with the Linear Fast Reverse, there is a small amount of drift that over time equates to a large movement of my intended target across the frame.

My question is, once I have centred my target with PinPoint platesolve and started my imaging run, is there any way of automatically asking SGP to perform the recentring procedure after ā€œxā€ amount of frames or ā€œxā€ amount of time so that it can automatically recentre the target? I know I can manually do this but Iā€™d rather automate everything if possible.

Thank you for any help and also thank you to everyone at Main Sequence for providing such an awesome software package. I love SGP and it just keeps on getting better and better.




Welcome to the club!  I think the only way to solve your problem is to do multiple sequences. If you set it up so every X minutes you had a new target, it would auto center it each time.


Hi Phil

I still have my old QHY5v mono and if your Lodestar is going to be some weeks, would you like to borrow it?