Autofocus and PHD2

Maybe a bug, or feature, I don’t know. I have SGP set up to pause guiding when running autofocus and that works great when autofocus runs automatically as scheduled. But if I pause a sequence to run autofocus, SGP does not pause the guider. PHD2 gets very upset when autofocus is running. It’s no problem to manually stop guiding when I manually run autofocus, if I remember to do it. But if the intent is for SGP to always stop guiding when autofocus runs, it doesn’t work for me.


This is expected behavior. I think there’s a reason for it but I don’t
remember why. Perhaps you could make this a feature request if you want.

Yes I get that too, if you start PHD2 guiding manually, then later do a manual focus run, you can get issues with PHD2 and SGP taking images at the same time causing delays. If SGP starts the guiding, SGP pauses the guiding correctly during focus.

It would be great if SGP also paused the guiding even if it was started manually, assuming the option for pausing guiding during focus is enabled.

You may ask, why start guiding manually anyway? well, for me seeing is very variable, going from poor down to downright terrible with very rare good nights. So I set the guiding going and tweak settings to get the best guiding I can, then start imaging.