Autofocus kicks in for the same filter in a sequence

Hi, I have set Autofocus on filter change, but the autofocus starts for each sub, even if the filter is the same. I have set a sequence where each event has the same filter with N subframes, flag Finish entire event first, so to have say RRRRRR, GGGGGG, etc. but the autofocus kicks in for each sub, e.g. R, autofocus, R, autofocus,… that is unnecessary and wasting a lot of time while I think it should only activate at the beginning of each event?
help appreciated

Hi there,

We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs, SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

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I have had this problem as well. It has happened at least twice to me. The issue was resolved by disconnecting the filter wheel in the Equipment area of the sequencer (did not touch the hardware) and then reconnecting it. After that it was OK for the rest of the nights multi-filter, multi-target imaging. It has only happened in the recent updates (last two weeks - 424 maybe others). I am running Windows 10 home with all the latest OS updates. Here is a link to a 424 log (first sequence run has the problem i.e. trigger AF on filter change even though filter did not change):



Hi Ken, thanks, I have just opened a ticket on the support category as you recommend. Browsing the log the issue seems indeed connected with handshaking with the filter wheel, as suggested by Derek

@dmret2016 @luigi

There is no good way to “fix” this issue. Your CFWs are issuing a lot of errors over the course of the sequence (errors that come from the filter wheel driver and not SGPro). These errors have no descriptive text (they just read “Unspecified”) and seem to be issued from within Windows COM services layer.

I have modified code such that AF will not run every frame when the CFW acts up, but this also means that it won’t run when it’s actually needed for a real filter change.

Hi Ken,
Thanks for looking at this “issue”. For me it wasn’t such a big problem since I simply disconnected and reconnected the filter wheel in the sequence panel before running the sequence again and I had no further trouble with superfluous AF runs. I don’t know if the FW driver was still reporting errors after that since I did not look through the complete log file - I find it difficult to navigate.

I would not recommend changing your code if it stops AF runs when they are actually required especially if the problem seems to be with the filter wheel driver. I need the AF runs on filter change since some of my telescope focusers do not give good results when using filter offsets.

I will go through and re-check my connections, cables etc.

The only reason I reported my issue was that I saw Luigi’s post highlighting the same issue, in other words I thought it may have been something to do with my setup and it seemed intermittent. Hopefully Luigi can track down his problem given the feedback you provided and you have no other reports of this issue from anyone else.