Autofocus not responding


I experienced several time this problem, after an auto-focus run (successful) SGP keep blocked in 'autofocus running mode and do not answer anymore, impossible to solve the issue except restarting SGP. It seems that the problem appears after an ‘extended’ AF run, but I am not sure. May be you can help.



We are, unfortunately, unable to assist without logs.



Hi Ken,
sorry, here is the log, I hope it is the correct one.
Last night after having restarted SGP (last beta), continued to image normally so the problem seems to appears randomly.

sg_logfile_20141229175414.txt (111.4 KB)


Thanks Pascal,

That is the correct log and it does indeed show an issue with the manual execution of auto focus sometimes not ending correctly. I cannot reproduce the issue so it likely a “timing” issue and will only occur in some circumstances. Despite this, I have added some safety code to the next 2.4 beta release that will hopefully prevent this from happening in the future.



Hello Ken,
thank you, may be the problem doest not depend of the use of AF, I experienced another ‘SGP stop’ after the delay between two events. SGP remained blocked waiting indefinitely the end of the delay … I success to do SGP responding again re loading the sequence I had saved (possible in this waiting mode) . May be this can help. Regards.


I don’t believe that it is possible for the two issues you describe to be related in any way.


ok, so may be it is another issue, I will confirm if the problem reappear in another imaging session.
I reassure you, apart this two minor problems SGP 2.4 seems to be working well for me :wink: . Thanks. Pascal