Autofocus Warning Message


Could someone give me some insight as to why i am getting the following message please?


Thank you


I’m also interested to learn this as recently I’ve been getting this message on almost every autofocus run…


That is a not uncommon message. It happens when the final check image has HFR worse (higher) than the focus algorithm predicted (not sure how much worse triggers it). It can happen due to something going wrong (why it is there) or to more common things like highly variable seeing. I tend to ignore it unless the difference between expected and actual is large. It will also go away by itself so will not stop the sequence or anything.


Many thanks. Makes perfect sense. Last night was hazy on and off.



if you get this warning regularly, there is one possible reason that has to be checked: it may be due to focuser backlash. The move to the new focuser position (just before taking the validation frame) involves an inversion of the direction. With not completely compensated focuser backlash the new focuser position will not be reached.

However, if the warning shows up only sporadically, one of the reasons that CCDMan specified will apply.



Backlash indeed turned out to be my problem. I set up backlash correction with inward focus as final move and the problem is solved :+1::slight_smile::crossed_fingers:


That’s great! I’m really happy to hear that this problem could be solved.