Autoguider settling


I have been trying to solve a problem that I encountered, It seems that SGP is allowing me to change the equipment profile but fails to implement the changes. SGP is invoking phd to settle to some unknown point below the threshold of my mount (perhaps at <0.1) with the consequence that my session has engaged into a loop.

I tried to delete the profile, start new sequences and delete old ones, restarted my computer but to no avail. I have changed numerous times the settle at value under Autoguider (under equipment profile)… but to no avail - always returns to 0.1. Any solutions as I cannot operate anything under these circumstances?



After a further considerable number of tries, I found out that the PHD2 settling setting can only be changed from the control panel (camera icon) and not from the equipment profile manager under tools. As soon as I increased the value. The software operated as expected.




I think you might have a misconception around profiles and sequences. Think of a sequence as a template. Changing a template will not modify anything in a sequence that was created from that template.


Shouldn’t we “Think of a profile as a template” ?



You should. Typo on my part.