Automatic 'flat acquisition' support via ASCOM Chooser


Many thanks to the SGP team for providing us with a program that will help keep this old retired astro-observer warm on chilly winter nights. (and chilly summer nights for that matter especially - here in the UK). Now I can truly remotely operate my telescope, mount etc. from within my warm observatory ‘control room’ (go on then - the spare bedroom!) Keep up the good work guys.

I notice that the latest release of the ASCOM Platform (i.e. version 6.1) provides some interesting new interface features. Could it be possible for SGP to provide an interface to control automatic flat acquisition via an ASCOM ‘switch’ feature from within SGP’s Flat Box facility?

I am presently working on a servo motor controlled light panel project (using an Arduino Uno board) which is driven via a third party ASCOM compliant interface. At present I can control the light panel via the computer using ASCOM Autoflat software, but have to stop the imaging sequence to ‘manually’ operate the light panel.

It would be great if it was possible to control it automatically from within SGP’s Flat Box facility via an ASCOM Chooser option.

Thanks in anticipation,



We do plan on implementing the ASCOM Switch for light boxes. To be honest I haven’t looked at the protocol for this yet and I can’t give you an idea about time line. I just recently upgraded to 6.1 a couple of days ago. We’ve been fairly busy with other things at the moment and haven’t had a chance to take a look at this (don’t tell Chris R.) We’re currently working on getting some things straightened out for a 2.4 beta that should be on it’s way very soon.

Adding the switch interface should be relatively straightforward. We already support flat boxes so adding another type of flat box should be pretty easy. I’m willing to bet we could get it in the release cycles for 2.4.

If you happen to have the arduino code and ASCOM switch that drives the light box handy (and can give it away) that could definitely assist in our testing.



I think he may have noticed :smile:

I hope it’s clear enough but don’t hesitate to ask me (on or off list) if it’s not clear.

Chris R


I sent you a PM about this…let me know if didn’t come through.


Hi Jared,

Yes I did receive an email from you about this. I’ve just returned from a few days vacation so haven’t been around to respond.

I have contacted the person who provided me with the ASCOM switch and Arduino code and he will be in contact with you, hopefully to provided the necessary information.

Let me know how if there is any problem?



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I sent you a PM about this…let me know if didn’t come through.

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I received the PM. Sorry I haven’t had a chance to respond yet. I’ll take a look at the code the evening and see about getting it on an arduino.