Automatically parking scope at a certain point


In doing a mosaic, as the target is “setting” in the west, is there a way to have the telescope park automatically at a certain point above the western horizon no matter where it is in its target list sequence? Thanks! Rick


Scroll down to Event settings. You can set it to park at the end of your sequence. All you need to do is set a time limit and it’ll park the mount.

Of course, you need to have a ‘home position’ set for your particular mount.


Yes, but that time changes if I’m imaging over a period of days. It would be smarter if it stopped the sequence and parked the mount based on when the mount reaches a set number of degrees above the western horizon. Rick


There are already several disparate request to convert target / sequence end times to degrees of altitude / hours of RA. Please do not start another thread on this (if you’d like, please find those thread(s) and lend your support there so it is prevalent when we start prioritizing user requests).


… like this one: Request to specify target start and end by altitude



Ok, thanks. I’ll do a better job of searching for similar requests before posting next time. Hopefully this will make the cut for the next release. Congratulations on the launch of the most recent update! Rick


Rick, you might want to add comment to that thread indicating your support for the feature request. Ken and Jared often prioritize requests based on the level of interest that is expressed in the discussion thread (expressing interest here will be overlooked.)