Automerdian Flip and "center on" not working


Hello all,

I post something about this months ago but hasn’t been resolved.

When I use the center on feature or when the autoMF happens and it tries to center on again, it gets stuck something between 100-200 pixels off (I ask it do 50 pixels) and can’t adjust to get it close. Occasionally it will make large movements and then move back, but for whatever reason it remains the 200 pixels off on the plate solve. Eventually, it gives up after 5 tries (what I have it set to) and then stops taking pictures.

Is this a blacklash problem? But the error happens in both the dec and RA axis.

The mount is an Orion Atlas Pro.




This is most likely to be a pointing model issue and clearing the model just after a flip and before the centering should sort it out. I have this issue and I think it’s down to cone error on my mount. On one side of the meridian it can be spot on, then after a flip it’s a couple of degrees out.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Do you know how I clear the model? I use EQASCOM



Sure, I also use EQASCOM.

In the main EQMOD window click on the expand button on the right, this brings out more settings. In the second column about halfway down in the alignment section, click on the red cross button to clear the model. Just done that reply off memory, hope I got it right.

Once done SGP will no longer know where it’s pointing to any great accuracy so it may need do a blind solve.