Autosaving and namig files


Hi! As far as I really like SCpro, I am having a problem which I m not sure is common with SGpro. It is a problem with auto saving files. It seems to doesn’t matter what i set or how I name my files in a sequence the files came named in folder by the wirtten name + number of the saved file, which seems to be ok, but it can’t make it to save it with important info like if the image is LIGHT or DARK or if it is RED, BLUE or GREEN filter , neither it doesn’t say time of the exposure not even any SUFFIX. I did try set it many times and it always ended with JUST name of the file + number, which is really problematic for later work. I have to name my file like M81 8frames GRB 10m + Clear 5m , it means I m taking 8 frames of each filter GREEN, RED, BLUE exposure 10m + 8 frames of LUMINESCENCE exposure 5m and Ihave to count files when I am sorting out to process each channel, which is pain in the neck. I believe I do something wrong, but I can’t figure it out. The SGpro should do it automatically, lets say when I name my file M81 frames and I set RED filter for 10x10minutes, GREEN filter for 10x10m exposure etc. , saved file should have all this info that this file is LIGHT (frame) M81 RED (filter) 10m (exposure) or LIGHT M81 GREEN 10 minutes …etc. I don’t know if i can get any explanation how to solve this, i will up load here screen shot with file names, I named the file " M81 8fr 10m GRB + 5m C so I know I have from all the sequence first 8 frames LIGHT frames , GREEN filter and 10m exposure other 8 frames LIGHT frames RED filter and etc. I hope this all make sense. Thank you.


Make sure you have set the “File Name” field on the sequencer dialog (^W) to something like
which produces the following file name:
M67 King
Including the date with the _%mm%dy key allows you to take the same target on multiple nights and put them in the same directory.
which is what I use for my CCD. The “Key” button will show you the available keys.


Thank you. It works. I knew i was doing something wrong.