AVX mount and NexRemote



I found the USB power option you referenced, and unchecked the box permitting power saving.

It would be wonderful if this was the source of my problem.

Thanks again for suggesting this.




Let’s cross our fingers this fixes the issue.

BTW - I feel your pain being 100 miles north of Seattle between the BC lights and clouds can’t be a lot of fun. I’m 100 miles south of Lake Erie. we get lots of cloud cover days/nights. North East Ohio is not the greatest of places for a hobby like this. I think it’s the challenge that draws me to it followed by the accomplishment of seeing the results of the hard work. Working with such a group of the fine folks on these forums is a big plus. Seems like if you have a problem more often than not someone will jump in to offer help.

Let us know how things go,


Totally agree! I would never have started down this road without the internet.


Hi Mark,

The situation seems resolved after investigating my observatory internet connection, and fixing its intermittent functioning. I don’t understand why this would have resulted in my system freezing, but that’s the case. So all is well.

Now I have bigger problems: metastatic prostate cancer. So it’s time to divest myself of a long accumulation of gear…my family won’t have a clue, and it shouldn’t be consigned to a landfill!




Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear about the cancer. That’s horrible.

I was actually going to respond to this thread regarding NexRemote as I have suffered through the headaches of using it for years with multiple different Celestron mounts and have regularly had the problem with the firmware hanging or occasionally losing contact to the motors. The emulator wrapper program still runs, but the emulated firmware is hung and there’s no recovery. In either case, restarting and re-aligning is required.

I recently finally fixed that specifically for working with software like SGP and wrote my own ASCOM driver for controlling the motors directly and eliminating NexRemote or the hand controller. This now lets me fully automate the mount and not have to hibernate, etc. You can learn more about it here and on the link at the end to the thread on Cloudy Nights.