Before moving Beta to official release

A couple of things still bugging me on the above Beta:I think you are already aware of both but feel I have to make a mention.
The Equipment Profile header does not remain with the sequence when the sequence is closed/saved and reopened. (I think the profile will save OK - just the header not being correct is somewhat annoying).

Another irritating item is the Sequence Notifications staying on screen too long. I recall that you had said this would be changed some way or other but I think this item remains the same since it was introduced…or have I missed some way to disable these notifications?


This should have been addressed in a previous beta. Still seeing this? I’ll look into it this evening.

This has not changed yet. I think we may take a 2 fold approach to this:

  1. Option to disable the popups completely
  2. Option to show things at a certain level (Info/Warn/Error)


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Thanks for the reply Jared. Re the equipment Profile Header – yes, I was still seeing problems last night with It was with an old sequence that I am still working with since the previous Beta – but if it was fixed then the fix does not appear to go deep enough.

I did a little test just now which you can replicate:

I opened SGP from its own shortcut on the desktop and it opened on its last sequence from last night – it had the Equipment Profile Header.

I changed one event repeat # ……just up’d it from 3 to 4

Hit the Save Icon on top of the window……got an exception. Selected to Continue.

Hit ……File….Save Sequence ……and yet again got an exception warning. Selected to Continue

Closed SGP – “X” on top right of the window.

Asked if I wanted to Save the Changed Sequence….I hit No.

I opened SGP again……opened fine with last sequence and the Equipment Profile Header OK……again up’d one event by 1 more sub and went to ….File……Save As….and picked the Sequence that I was working on.

“Already exists….Do I want to replace”…….I ‘said’ YES……then it loses the equipment profile header right there and then.

When I open SGP again, it opens that Sequence OK……but with No Equipment Profile.

Hope the above helps.

Re the Notifications……delighted to hear that this will change……one way or another.


I can confirm. Seeing the same behaviour re: Equipment Profile not being retained when re-opening SGP, on


Please see this and I think it’s related to this issue:


Not related to this, but we may just remove that text as it encourages a conceptual issue about how profiles relate to sequences… Once the profile is applied, it is no longer relevant to a sequence… this makes it seem like it is (rather than just being historical information).

Notification popup hiding added to SGPro options dialog in 3.1 (not in beta)

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Another problem with this Beta (and I believe the previous also)…

Not often one witnesses the end of an sequence run and equipment disconnect…but I was watching my last sequence shut down early this morning. I suspected this happened in a previous Beta but now have actually seen the following: After a full night’s imaging, the sequence was shutting down. It parked the mount and the camera was warming up. The dome was set to park after the mount and indeed it did BUT just as the dome parked, SGP suddenly shut down. Just went off screen. The sequence was not saved and the camera warm up appeared to have stopped. I restarted SGP to check status…and found the Camera warm up had indeed stopped…maintaining -19°. The sequence I was working on came back BUT the progress had not updated with all the subs taken through the night…it was exactly as it had been when the session started after sunset the previous evening.

As I said, I believe this sudden disconnect at the end of the night happened also in the previous Beta (I am now using - but never actually seen it. Nothing has changed in months as far as equipment is concerned - so these problems, I believe are directly connected to whatever has changed in the sequence/profiles. Ken…I know you have said that once profile is applied…it no longer is relevant to the sequence but once again, without any intervention on my part, the sequence lost the profile in the header and it certainly ‘appears’ to the user that there is some connection, or, at the very least, some connection re how information about the profile AND the sequence is saved.


I’ve found and addressed the auto save issue…which honestly probably caused a handful of other issues as well.

As for the abrupt shutdown I wonder if this is a race condition between the shut down and “Disconnect All Gear on Sequence End” which I see was enabled…?

I’ll do some more digging there.


Hi Jared, thanks for the reply on that.

Early this morning I watched it do the same thing. This time, I had ‘Park Mount First’ unchecked and, as I was hoping, the shutter closed and the dome got to the park position as the mount was still moving to its park position. The camera was warming up. I then saw the disconnect for the focuser and the filter wheel. So far – everything happening as normal……just the camera connected (and warming up).

But that remained on screen for the briefest instant……then as with the previous night, SGP just disappeared off screen. I opened SGP again and subsequently found that the sequence again was not saved. I reconnected the camera to continue a gradual cooldown. Again the log file……

Just to note once again, although Ken is sure there is no connection, the Equipment Profile in the Header, for no particular reason that I am aware of, changed sometime during the run……ending up with no equipment profile listed.

Sure hope that whatever you found in the ‘auto save’ issue was at the root of this……and that you have caught it.


So the Auto Save fix is specific to using the sequence that opens with SGP. If you want to see if the auto save fix will address the issue you can do the following:

  1. Open SGP (presumably SGP opens with your previous sequence)
  2. Open a new sequence (even an empty one)
  3. Open the sequence SGP initially opened in step 1. Run the sequence as usual.

The Auto Save issue was only a problem when using the last sequence opened with SGP. The path was not getting set properly in that case. So reopening it should resolve the Auto Save issue…and allow you to see if this fixed the shutdown problem.


OK Jared – thanks for that info. I will be able to run a short test on that tonight (I hope)……and will report back.


@Jared - did a small test tonight. Did not follow your 1:2:3: above - thought that opening SGP by clicking on a Sequence Shortcut already on the desktop would achieve exactly the same. (Others may have to follow what you have suggested though…).
I am happy to say that neither problem experienced over the past nights were evident tonight. The shutdown went as normal (SGP remained on screen right through equipment disconnects - it did not do a disappearing act on me :slight_smile: ). When I opened the SGP via the sequence shortcut again - it had indeed saved the changes that took place during the test.
So, until the update comes out, others may find this thread of interest and note the workaround for this particular problem.

By the way…the correct equipment profile remained on the screen throughout too…I hope Ken does not remove it…I for one, do like to see it there…even if it is not strictly necessary.

Thanks again for your help,


Glad to hear!

I’m pretty certain that has already been changed. The issue is that the equipment profile could be completely different from when you created the sequence. And there is no true link between the Profile and the Sequence. Once a Sequence has been created the Profile has done its job.