Behaviour of None filter entry with Filters present

So I’m not sure if this is my misunderstanding or is a possible change request.

One of our team was using the main scope with a filter wheel and 8 filters configured, set a sequence entry at the end but accidentally left the filter entry as None. The event ran and obviously did not move the filter to None as it does not exist so it used the last/existing filter position but wrote the filter name as None to the fits header and the filename. Now he had used the Luminance filter on the previous event and it was in fact still sat at that position. We also matched the None sub to the Luminance flats to identify the filter used.

Now my question is - How can we avoid this situation ? If None is the default can the filter Name/Pos that gets written to the FITs header but the current filter name/position if one exists ?

What is the purpose of the None entry if filters are present ?

SGPro - 3.1.0457

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