Best way to interrupt a sequence to autofocus?


What is the best way to interrupt a sequence to start an unsheduled autofocus run? When I clicked on the run button of the autofocus module while a sequence was running, the run button turned into a “waiting” button. I was expecting the autofocus to happen once the sub was done but it didn’t happen. The “waiting” button was frozen and I was unable to activate the autofocus afterwards. Even the planned autofocus run did not happen. I could still capture subs. Closing the sequence and bringing it back did not change a thing.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi @Stephan I have my autofocus set to refocus everyone 1 degree or 60 minutes. If I find I need to interrupt my sequence to force a autofocus, I lower the time from 60 minutes to something less then the current time since the last autofocus. This allows the current image to finish and kicks off a focus run before beginning another. After the autofocus finishes I move the time back to the 60 minutes. I found the lower in the sky my target is the more often I need to invoke the autofocus this way.

Not sure if this is the best way to force a autofocus but seems to work for me.

Hope this helps,


Thanks, I will try this approach.

I was really under the impression that if you clicked “run” in the autofocus module while the sequence was running it would ask if you wanted to finish the sequence right away or wait until after the exposure that is going on at the time, in a similar way as if you were to click on the “stop sequence” button.

Maybe this should be a feature request?


You could check “AF on resume”, it will force an AF after the current frame, and will also clear the checkbox after AF is done.

I am not sure if this is how it is intended but I find it is very useful to force an AF.


I never knew this one…sounds like a neat trick. Thanks for sharing it.


So it is "resume " after the current sub? I thought the resume was after SGP had been stopped.


That was my thought too. But I like it even if it is not intended.


Hi @blackdragon72
Interesting, I was thinking the same that it would only autofocus after SGPro resumed after being stopped. Neat trick, I’ll need to give that a try the next time out. this approach should be much easier then needing to play with the time.

I like the idea of what @Stephan suggested, being able to simple click the Autofocs button and if a sequence is running askl to stop the current image and do the autofocus or complete the current image than do the autofocus. that would be the best.



That is what is supposed to happen and I do it all the time. Logs would be useful to find out why it isn’t working for you.



I tried it and it works well…even if it was not what it was intended to do :wink: