Beta - Exception in FindStars


HFR calculations seem to not be working for me in - in the log i see:

[DEBUG] [Main Thread] Exception in FindStars: A generic error occurred in GDI+.

when i press the “star” button to compute HFR. in addition, during autofocus, no stars are ever found.



i should note that i see the same error in the logfile while autofocus is running.

also - rebooted and reinstalled via “repair”; no change. HFR calculations not working.


That’s odd. Can I see the logs?


sure -

that’s the log where AF was running and failing. at this point if i open any image and ask for an HFR analysis it fails with the same message…



Did you indicate that was working or it never worked? Can you move the minimum star size slider around a bit and try again (just in case there is some sort of initialization bug)?


it never worked. i was previously running, and had found that on the inside of focus, toward the end of the focus run SGP would start picking up hot pixels instead of any donuts, and compute a crazy-low HFR like 1.2, which then completely confused the calculation. so the first thing i tried in was to set the minimum star size slider a couple of notches higher than the default, hoping that would fix the problem. when it detected no stars, i started messing with that slider to see if there was any effect, and there was none. subsequently i found that if i loaded some real, in-focus exposures, no stars were found either, and thats when i noticed the error in the log.


same observation here, no star detection, adjusting the sliders does not change any thing.


Piling on here…
I noticed the “no stars” thing when I loaded v2.5.1.1 on the home computer and then pulled up an AFPack image from the previous night. Thought it was curious.
Last night I tried some AF from the OBS. The sky was overcast so expectations were low.
The focuser moved out the prescribed amount, but did not change after that.
Plot points were extremely slow to generate and fell at the zero HFR value.
No stars were selected during the procedure, even though they were evident on the screen.
A note at the bottom said the focus was expanding the range (smartfocus was turned off).
This was on my 12"LX200 with Starizona SCT corrector.
Apologies for no logs. I’m currently on the road.


I don’t quite know where to post. I loaded and the focus routine appeared to not work. It was a clear night and I wanted to image. As a result, I want back to the stable release and forgot about it. The problem with was that it detected absolutely nothing at least with the focusing option that does not use pinpoint. I forget, but I think that is the HFR focus option that I used. I did not use the focus option that needs pinpoint, which I have.

Last night I downloaded last night and came up with the same issue. Absolutely nothing detected. In addition, I could not follow the direction regarding the star size option. It was like the program did not load correctly. The HFR focus option (does not use pinpoint) did not have the sliders greyed out. Don’t know what was going on.

Then I changed to the option which used Pinpoint and for the first time ever, it drew one of the finest almost V shaped slightly U shaped curves I have ever seen on my screen. It was fantastic. In the past, the focus option was picking hot pixels and parts of columns for the first report on the graph and I knew that it also lowered the arithmetic average of the FWHM reported. I would get readings of 1.8 and 1.2 and I knew that this was impossible. This time for the first time the first data report always reported correctly around 4.2 or so. It then went down to the expected value of 2.5 or so.

It thought it was an anomaly, but found that it worked very well all night long. I am not changing a thing for now. I started to save the focus packets and can send them along via dropbox if you want them.

Good work guys for now. Focusing is a huge issue and if you keep going in the direction you are going with the improvements, you are going to greatly enhance your product.

I image with a GSO RC10 at 1700 mm and 2000 mm with robofocus and feathertouch focuser.


I have just realized that at the Profile Manager the Star size option is grayed, but at the Control Panel (the DSLR camera icon) that option is grayed out and you can use it.

Tonight I’ll do a test. Yesterday it was raining but it seems I’ll have some clear hours tonight.

See you


This issue is specific to, it is working OK in

My quick tests this morning are always: open SGP, open an image, run the HFR calculation, close SGP it works. i.e., it detects stars and returns the HFR calculation (log: sg_logfile_20160408095911.txt (20.2 KB))
install, I have the error (log:sg_logfile_20160408100054.txt (20.3 KB))
downgrade to (actually requires two runs of the msi), it works (log: sg_logfile_20160408100250.txt (20.4 KB))

Focusing with

well this is good news; sounds like if the native star detection starts working again then RC owners are going to be in good shape!

Auto focus issue

OK folks,

Sorry for the delay. We were traveling to NEAF. I took a look and this is completely my fault. I left code in that would only work on my development machine (so all the tests passed). I am not in a position to make a formal (signed release), but you can access the fixed version here:


Quick feed back: Loaded several subs from various targets to test HFR routine. It is now showing the HFR of multiple stars but the “Minimum Star Size” slider has no effect. It always detects 300 stars on every image – even ones that only had a total of 42 stars visible. It seems to make no difference whether the slider is at 2 or 15.



Don’t worry about that. The minimum star size refers to minimum diameter not sample size. There might be a bug in star count UI stuff. We are just concerned with V curves at this point.

Also I can’t remember if the slider works in real time for images opened from disk.

Are you seeing stars selected that have a smaller diameter than you allowed?


Autofocus routine a dramatic, drastic improvement. Spectacular Just confirmed it works great on my RC10 again tonight. Great job. User interface may need help. I am at the machine and am using Full Width Half Max with Pinpoint. Have not tried HFR but when I did in the past it did not work. I am going to leave it as is because it works fantastic for the time being until you do another release.

Thanks for this enhancement.


Doesn’t the slider determine how many stars are detected? If I set it at 15, I expected that only star images that are 15 pixels in diameter (or larger) would be detected. Maybe clusters of hot pixels look like donuts to the algorithm?

Before invoking the HFR calculation, about 40 stars:

After clicking the HFR icon - 300

But then something strange happened. I had undocked the Focus Control module to have it floating over the image so I could take the screen shot above. Then when I re-docked the module on the side of the screen the star detection suddenly changed; that is, it started working correctly:

The slider works in real time – move the slider one notch and the HFR calculations / star detection is immediately re-done. So, some kind of initialization error causing the initial 300 star detection – like the star size was set to 1 pixel.



No, not really. It determines what stars are selected… doesn’t really care about how many. We won’t use more than 300 for the HFR calculation, but that is separate from star detection.

Not really sure. You were able to move the slider around and nothing changed until you re-docked then undocked again? Any other hints? Did SGPro start with that module docked? Did you do it after startup? Did you ever toggle the HFR “star” button during this process?

I wish we could claim that this was a recent victory, but in reality, there have been no changes to the Pinpoint based AF routine in years.


i can’t do any live testing due to clouds, but i’m seeing the same behavior with an image loaded from an AF pack - no matter what the slider is set to, it seems to behave like the slider was set to 2. if i then just grab the slider and move it, the ‘hot pixel’ stars are no longer identified. so it would seem that when the very first image is loaded, the user’s minimum star size setting is not applied until it is changed.

i should probably send in this particular pack - SGP seems to only be able to find one donut star in this image though there are many more of similar brightness.


After installing your updated beta, I opened a saved image and clicked the star button to do an HFR calculation on the image. The slider was in the default position and the Focus Control was docked on the side of the screen with several other modules. The image frame was immediately covered with 300 star detections as the screen shot showed in my post above. Since the slider was in the 3 (?) pixel position, I moved it to the right thinking that would reduce the number of stars detected and toggled the star icon. Nothing changed and the image still showed 300 stars detected. I moved the slider to 15, toggled the star icon; and, again there was no change with 300 stars detected. I moved the slider several more times, toggling the star icon each time. Nothing changed.

At that point I decided to make my post with the result. In order to do a screen shot, I undocked the Focus Control and moved it over the frame and made the screen shot. After taking the screen shot, I moved the Focus Module back to its docked location on the side of the screen. As I docked the Focus Module, the frame suddenly changed and dropped to just a handful of detections – as shown in the third screen shot. With the Focus Control docked, the slider worked as expected. Moving it immediately changed the HFR calculation and the number of stars detected without the need to toggle the star icon. I used the left and right arrow keys to move the slider one pixel at a time to watch how the star detection changed at each step. Everything seemed to be working great.

After making my post, I continued to experiment with subs from other targets. What I then discovered was that the slider would intermittently stop working – that is, moving it did not result in a new HFR calculation or star detection. Even toggling star icon had no effect. Undocking reactivated the slider.

Unfortunately, some frames that I tested resulted in virtually no stars being detected even though they were above the slider threshold. In the frame below, the slider was at 7. The frame shows two false detections at [7x7], two stars correctly detected, and about 40 stars that I thought should have been detected but were not:

All my subs were taken at 2475 mm with a large central obstruction but there are no donuts in the subs as they were reasonably well focused manually. My PC is a Windows 7 machine.