Beta 335 two minor bugs

Sorry I am still a few Beta’s behind. I think I came across two relatively minor bugs in 335 which may or may not have been present in earlier versions.

I believe that after a time triggered AF sequence SGPro resumed PHD2 auto guiding without waiting for my pre-defined settling time.
For example in the attached (truncated) log file:
AF starts at 19:17:30
AF finishes at 19:22:30
PHD2 is GUIDING at 19:22:36 even though I have a settling option set at <0.8 pixels for 15s

I think settling is being honored after AF on filter change (not in this log), dither and centering (which are in this log file).

File name variable %fp (filter position) seems to be reporting previous filter position for 1st image taken after an AF run.
For example in the attached log file:
18:22:23 AF completes with the focuser at position 17469
However the next image file name is defined at 18:26:37 and includes %fp @ 17458 which is the previous focus position. Subsequent images have the correct %fp until the next AF.

sg_logfile_20191103175558_trunc.txt (939.7 KB)

Good job on the improvements by the way, they are really appreciated.



Current behavior will only attempt to settle if a dither occurred, but I can alter this behavior such that AF will also trigger it.

I had been meaning to get to this and forgot… It’s fixed now.

Thanks for looking at these two items.

That’s interesting because I thought settle was working after filter change and AF. Anyway it is “settling” after my initial slew/center in the log file I sent to you, @18:12:23 center finishes, @18:13:00 waiting for Auto Guider distance to fall below 0.8. So it seems to work beyond dither only.
Also if you mouse over “Settle at” in Control Panel -> Auto Guide, auto focus is specifically mentioned. So it looks like post AF settling timer may have been your original intention (as well as post dither).

I would vote to have a settling timer after all AF runs since PHD2 always has to recover after a pause for AF in my case. Currently PHD2 is settling during the initial 5 or 10 seconds of my 1st post AF images. Not sure what other users want.

Thanks for fixing %fp.

Again thanks for all the other work you have put into the recent changes.

Best Regards