Beta 341 Exception thrown error on opening target settings

I was testing Beta 341.

I selected the second sequence in my list and then clicked on the gear icon to open the sequence control settings dialog. I got the exception error shown.

Mark W

Do you have a user profile with a valid lat / long selected? Not that you need to, just trying to determine what it is. Could you attach the sequence file?


Yes, valid user profile. The only thing that may be problematic is that I am trying to set up an equipment profile and sequence without the camera and filter wheel being attached (they are in shipment to me).

Sequence file, even zipped, is too large.

I have it sitting in DropBox. Give me an email to share it.


You can send to


I can’t be certain, but I think I found the issue here through another report. Youre welcome to send your sequence or you can give the next beta a try.

I can open settings for the 13 first objects, at no. 14 and for all the rest, this happens.


PS. Have sent the sequence file to you.


Got it. I’ll make sure the fix applies to the issue you are seeing.


Thanks. I am on the road and have not had a good internet connection for a while. In a few days, I’ll try the latest beta.


It is working fine now. Thanks for the quick fix.