Beta 383 (and maybe version prior) SBIG driver error on exit

i noticed on the last couple of runs that SGP puts up a dialog when quitting to the effect of “can’t end exposure - SBIG driver not open.”

my camera has been acting up a little so i ignored this the first time. i haven’t made any changes to drivers or firmware, so i think the only change is SGP. i thought maybe this had something to do with the guider API so this morning i also quit PHD2 before quitting SGP (but i had of course disconnected all equipment from SGP before that. maybe i should have quit PHD2 first).

anyway the error seems rational; the camera is disconnected from SGP when SGP complains that the driver is not open. however, there should be no image in progress at the time.

would the log shed any light on this? i can post it.



Yes, thanks, this is fixed. Same issue as some of the other “Crash on exit” threads.

awesome thanks


SGPro 387 says this is fixed, but I forgot to merge it in to the release… it will be out shortly

whoops ok, well for me it was not fatal - no crash as far as i could tell. and if there was there was apparently no corruption of the sequence file so all is well