Beta Build v3.1.0.170 - Framing & Mosaic Error


I’m unable to add topic to bugs, so I’ve placed it here…

I was looking at the ‘Framing & Mosaic Wizard’ as I’ve not used it. On opening the tool and selecting the drop arrow for object, an exception error was generated. See attached (hopefully).

From the logs, It seems that it was looking for a specific folder ‘MosaicCache’, which doesn’t exist\not created, with this version, but older versions did create it, as I see it in old backups. (32.4 KB)


If you search for an image does the error remain? It looks like it can’t find your cache location. Was anything done to lead up to this or just installed the beta and this started happening?



If I manually create the folder, then I’m presented with an option to ‘Clear the cache’, with new small yes\no prompt window to clear the cache. But there are no other issues and all works as expected.

So its’ just the missing folder that’s causing the crash.