Beta version with Skyguide and Skyguard

I have the beta version of SGP on my first of two computers that I use in the observatory. It controls my 12" scope.I spent time this weekend learning how to make it work and although the weather did not cooperate I was able to make it work with the only exception being the “live view” does not work with my Canon 6D DSLR. I needed the new beta version because I use Skyguide / Skyguard full frame guiding and real time autofocus. I also have a 127mm refractor on a 2nd mount and I use this computer to control it. I downloaded SGP on this computer but the latest version I could find is I really would like to use Skyguide / Skyguard on this setup as well. Will a new version be available with Skyguide / Skyguard capability?

Correction- the newest version I can find is

SkyGuard/SkyGuide is in the beta, current version is and can be found here:


Thanks Jared,
I did find it. What confused me was I had downloaded the top version thinking it was the most recent. Then when I looked for updates within the program it told me I had the most recent version.

Sorry to have bothered you. I should have looked more carefully.

By the way, the Beta versions seems basically good but I did come across one small glitch. Nothing I can’t work around but for general knowledge it seems that live view in the frame, and focus gets stuck downloading when being used with a Canon 6D. It works fine with the 6D mark II, just not the regular 6D.

Thanks again,

Duncan Scott Hanford