Beware installing the new version of SGP - .NET 4.7.2 Required

Not intending to be melodramatic, just giving people a heads up.

The new stable release (and betas) require .NET 4.7.2, which SGP tells you about after installing, when you start it. I downloaded the offline installer of 4.7.2 only to be told it wasn’t compatible with my OS (Windows 10 home). I assume that’s because I haven’t updated Windows in a long time, as it’s in an observatory with no internet connection and hell, when it works, don’t mess with it. I imagine there’s many people in similar situations.

I’ve now switched to TSX to try and salvage the night, as I didn’t have the previous SGP installer handy.

Anyway, not trying to put people off installing the new version, but just be aware that it may not be straight-forward and may take some time and perhaps an internet connection, so prepare accordingly.