Binning PS2 with new ZWO driver


Hi all;

I am using the ASI1600mm-c and by using the newly implemented ZWO „driver“ there is no way to bin in plate solve 2 for framing. Someone encountered this to or do i miss something?

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You should just need to set the binning in the control panel. Is that not working?



Hi Jared,

it does work in control panel but in the Equipment profile manager the binning options are somehow limited to Bin*1.

BTW.: The settings you enter in the control panel; are they stored afterwards to the Equipment profile?!

Thanks & CS!



Hm, I’ll take a look as to why that’s not populating.

No, only if you “Save Sequence as Profile” from the help menu.




thanks a lot!




I realize this is an older thread but today I encountered this problem. I have a ZWO ASI1600MC-Pro and I have the camera connected using the ZWO driver (not ASCOM). In control panel focus tab, I can set the binning to 1X1 or 2X2 or 3X3 or 4X4 for Auto Focus settings and Frame and Focus setting. I want to do the same in Equipment Profile Manager. In the Focus Tab in Equipment Profile Manager I only get the 1X1 binning option for Auto Focus settings and Frame and Focus setting. Why doesn’t the other binning options show up in Equipment Profile Manager when they do show up in Control Panel? The same happens in the Plate Solve tab for binning options. This is using SGP


So is this normal behavior for the equipment profile manager to not display or save the binning numbers? Do other cameras save the binning, or at least display the binning numbers?


I tried switching to the ZWO ASCOM driver from the ZWO NATIVE driver and now the binning options show up in the Equipment Profile Manager. So I guess there is something missing in the ZWO native driver that prevent SGP from bringing up binning options in Equipment Profile Manager. Now that I have switched to using the ASCOM driver, what features am I going to be without that I got by using the Native driver. I think one item is I can’t get the gain and offset put into the file name. Can I still set up in the event options the gain and offset by event?