Blind solve then how to sync?



I was having problems using the plate solving in SGP with plate solve 2. So I am trying to blind solve using which works and i click to use it as a reference image but I am not sure what to do next to sync the scope using this reference image



It’s not entirely clear to me what you are attempting to do. I am not certain why you would attempt to sync the scope to a reference image. Maybe we are just using different terms for the same things? A reference image is usually an image on disk or some URL somewhere. It has no bearing on the scope’s current location.


Hi Ken,

Basically I was having trouble getting Plate Solve 2 to work so I was advised to try the blind solving via Astrometry,net which I did. This works and can solve the image but it just solves it and does not sync. It does come up with tickbox to say use this a reference image but I was not sure if I can use the reference image for anything further like syncing the scope.

I also tried the blind sync under scope centering but it just seems to be stuck blind solving. It would be good to know how to use Astrometry online and be able to solve and sync with it


In the HELP file …enter Center Here , it explains how and what the reference image is all about. I just click the solve and sync or blind sync buttons.


I think i did try that (center) and it tried to plate solve the reference frame (looks like with Plate Solve 2) and then it fails. I will try that again on the weekend when the sky is clear but not sure it will work, blind sync option just says it doing it but does not seem to complete.