Blind solving with


Hi, newbie question here : I’m getting an immediate “Error…location hints required…” when trying to blind solve using…pic enclosed.

Using SGP Plate solve works OK for “solve” when using images with ra/dec data, with either Astrometry/net or Pinpoint.

I understand location hints are not needed when using… wondering if I have not setup SGP correctly…advise appreciated in what I’m doing wrong.

Trying to be methodical …discovered this while following the procedure in Harry’s SGP tutorial recommended in the SGP website.


Please attach your logs.


Thanks for the report. This bug crept in when the “object” text box was added.

This is not a critical issue. It does not cause users to lose data or endanger any equipment. As such, this fix will be introduced in the SGPro 2.5 beta.


Ken thanks for the reply, no rush.