Boltec Safety Monitor always unsafe!?


I will admit I am fairly new to SGP and Boltec. I have been trying to incorporate the Boltec Safety Monitor feature but no matter what settings I have, SGP always reports status as “Unsafe”. What am I missing?


Are you using the ASCOM safety monitor driver? Have you set up the thresholds for what you consider safe/unsafe?


Yes. Thresholds set although I am guessing I select the condition I would call unsafe ie., wet, very clouding, very windy…
I just looked at the ASCOM settings for it and I am uncertain which file to use.


If you are using the standard ASCOM safe to image and safe to open drivers from the ASCOM website, the setting is the maximum safe setting. The two drivers allow for two thresholds - I use safe to open with my roll off roof controller and safe to image with SGP


I think I am directing to the wrong data file. What do you use?


I’m using an AAG cloudwatcher that creates a boltwood compatible data file. I link to that. I’m assuming your system does the same?


I believe that it is similar but not the same. I selected the data file that is being written to with todays day and now it is reading safe. If this stops working with a new day then I will try something else.


I think you will have to post more info about your safety monitor, i cannot find any info about such a safety monitor after a google search so it’s not easy to help. Maybe post a link to the manufacturer?


I uninstalled and reinstalled the Boltwood (sorry about my typo in OP) and removed all folders that were involved. I then went to the document/clarityII folder and selected the “active” data file. Seems to be working. I believe I created confusion with the typo…again I apologize.

Moderator: Since the situation is corrected for me - at least for the time being, I would like to remove the question due to my typo in the title. If the issue arises again I can re-post the question with the correct brand name.


You can edit the title yourself I think