Bug report: regional settings not respected

In the course of extensively evaluating data from SGP logfiles of different users with MiakelA’s SGP AF LogViewer I noticed that SGP doesn’t respect the regional settings of Windows in all cases.

My regional settings on the notebook for image capturing is German (Germany), see appended “regional_settings.JPG”. This implies that the date format “dd.mm.yyyy” is used and ‘,’ as the decimal separator. However, in my SGP logfiles, the date format is mm.dd.yy instead of “dd.mm.yy”, so day and month are interchanged, see “logfile_section.JPG” of 4th June 2019. When I import the filtered data into a spreadsheet, all date values are wrong. This has to be corrected manually which is a very annoying task when a large amount of data is processed.

I am aware that data evaluation is not the main reason for SGP to output a logfile. However, the data are available and we will continue trying to use them. You can judge the importance of doing so when you take a look at the best focus vs. temperature charts that helped us to prove that quadratic fit is superior to SGP’s current focus evaluation algorithm ( QUADRATIC best fit Focus routine TESTING - SEND LOGS , posts 62 and 63). Only by using the data in the SGP logfiles it was possible to obtain this information.

Please take a look at the handling of the regional setting in SGP and fix this bug.


The log files do not respect regional settings because they are for internal use. We have tools that help us with logs and need them all to look the same regardless of where they came from.

This answer is dissatisfactory. The date format in different logfiles is NOT the same:

In my logfiles, the separator between month, day and year is ‘.’.
In logfiles of other users the separator is ‘/’.

If you could manage to use ‘/’ in my case as well, the spreadsheet would handle the date value in the right way during import. So I am not asking for an exception, I am asking for handling the logfiles in the SAME way.


You are correct… looks like this was broken. It has been corrected and uses the expected “Invariant Culture” so that it works properly with our “Thread Inspection Toolset”… which we don’t use often, but do use for some issues.

You can always expect dates to be in the format MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss.fff without variation.

Does that mean that ‘/’ will be used in future versions of SGP? (That would be fine for me.)


Yes, regardless of the culture used on the machine, the format I posted above will always be respected.

That is good news. Thank you.