Bug? some settings won't save in equipment profiles

  1. Autoguide dither settings revert to “small dither” even when I set it to large or extreme and save the profile. Open it right back up and it has reverted to small dither. I saw another user recently had same issue and got no response to his post. He had to reinstall the program.

  2. Plate solve options also won’t update - I try to select APM as the default catalog but always reverts back to UCAC3 even after saving.

These are the only two that won’t save for me… all other changes I make seem to save and stick like they should.



Did anybody ever answer this? I’m having the same issue.


Not solved for me. Also, plate solve max regions defaults to 3000 even though I set my equipment profile to 100 and applied profile to sequence.



Is anyone going to address this?


Auto guide settings should be addressed in the release from yesterday.

Not sure about the catalog. I haven’t seen that one. I’ll look into the regions.



Thank you,