Bugging temperature compensation by only taking sequence start temperature into account


After this “fix” was introduced temperature compensation is completely broken for me, it moves away from focus because it doesn’t care about auto focus being run, it only cares about the original focus position at the start of the run which might be totally wrong (since that position is from the night before at a different temperature)

The same settings has been used for 4-5 months with very good focus/temperature compensation before upgrading to 3.0.10 lately.

Name for a few confimed good frames right after autofocus (rest are crap as can be seen from the screenshots)

Attached is screenshots of image history and the logfile.

Auofocus at frame3 here, as can be seen for frame 4 it looks like temp comp totally ignores that an autofocus has been made and moves to a position in relation to the original position



You are right, and this is not operator error, but a bug in SGP’s temperature compensation routine. It was already described and analyzed here: Temperature compensation starting temperature doesn’t update upon new auto focus

I adjure you to release an update in which this error is corrected ASAP!



I’m really suprised this problem has been there for almost 2 months without a fix being made, also there’s no older v3 to download on the website to go back to an older version :confused:
Thankfully i had the installer so i can use that version till a fix is made for the newest version.


I have exactly the same problem. It’s not working. Had to throw a lot of sub in the dustbin because got the problem discovered too late.

I really would appreciate a solution for that.




Same problem here, which I also noted in the previous thread. I hope @Ken and @Jared can address this issue sometime soon.



Looking at this now. Updating the Temp and Position should be pretty easy when Auto Focus is ran. I’m trying to think through any other cases where updating these values may be needed.



Here is a almost completely untested build. Use at your own risk and be sure to backup your existing installation. If you have any issues (or if you have no problems) let me know.

Also don’t be to surprised if this completely fails to work or even install. This is off of our new build server and we haven’t been able to 100% test a build off of it yet (but they’ve been looking pretty good)


Thanks Good Luck,


I’m not able to download the file, i says i need to get access to download


Sorry, I’m bad at google permissions. Should be working now.



Installed, at first opening SGP crashes, 2nd time it opens normally


Can you send me the logs for those 2 openings? I’d like to figure out what caused this since it’s a new build server.



There was no log, i guess it crashed before the log was made?


Clear skies here tonight so i’m testing this new build, everything seems to work perfectly so far!
Temp compensation works nicely :grinning:


No worries. This happened locally as well and I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it. Something probably isn’t getting put into place by the install. Yay, new build fun :-/