Calibration Frame Question


I’m still learning my way around SGPro - Is there a way after all of the Light Frames are complete in a sequence to have SGPro Park the mount and do the Calibration Frames; Flats, Bias, Darks, while in the mount is parked? I know there is a setting that states to do Calibration Frames in the event SGPro encounters an error in a sequence needs to abort. Is there a setting someplace in SGPro that tells the mount to park after the Light Frames are complete and do the Calibration Frames from the Park position?



Yup, just make a new target and make it the last event in your list. Tell it to park your mount as a event ‘pre-start’ task. Then, select darks, flats, bias as required


Fantastic, I greatly appreciate the help!



No problem. And don’t forget to check the box to take them even if the sequence fails :joy:


I usually only add events to the last target. Do you really want to make a new target?



Hi @cbradshaw, - good point. I can see benefits with both ways. It’s nice to have multiple choices to accomplish this.