Calibration Frame Sequence runs out of order

I have used the calibration wizard for years to add events to an existing sequence for Flats, Dark Flats and Darks.

Never had an issue until a few months ago after installing an update after which the sequence runs one image from each event and cycles through the events rather than run all images in an event before moving to the next event.

So, it takes a Flat, then tells me to remove light box for a dark flat, then takes a Dark, then goes back to take the next flat.

I’m not aware of changing any settings and the sequence settings look ok to me in that they are set to complete each event before moving to the next event - also I don’t have this problem with lights, they still run the full event before moving to the next.

I work around it by only having one event ticked at a time. Don’t know if its a bug or something I have done - can anyone shed light on the issue?

Hello maybe check and see if finish entire events is checked and not rotate through events. That way all your calibration frames will run in sequence.


Yes I have it set to Finish Entire Events List. The problem started after a new release, I didn’t change any settings. Also, this only happens on calibration frames set up with the wizard - imaging lights works fine. If it’s not a general bug then perhaps its an issue with this specific sequence?

Hi there,

We will need more information to be able to help. Please send us logs, SGPro and OS versions and we’ll take a look.

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Hi, Thanks for replying.

I don’t have any logs for this at the present time but next time I take calibration frames I will send details.


Please close this, I have created a new support request following the report a Problem process.