Camera conflicts?


I’m CMOS shopping and have tentatively chosen a QHY163M. I use a QHY5L-II-M for guiding.

Am I going to have driver or SGP conflicts/trouble of any kind with SGP connected to two QHY products? I seem to remember something about an SBIG camera but I cannot remember the details.

Sorry if this has been covered, but I was unable to find this question asked before.

Thank you.



I believe the QHY drivers are camera specific, which would leave me to believe that you wouldn’t have issues. Hopefully someone with dual QHY cameras will provide more accurate info.



I don’t actually use two QHY cameras (I have a QHY163M), but I do know that the ASCOM driver has an option for 2 cameras, and you can also use the native driver for your QHY5L in PHD2.