Camera Cooler Status "NA" and Exposure Saving Failed

This is a new one for me that has happened a few times the past two nights. A sequence is running and suddenly the CCD camera cooler status reports “NA” rather than “-20/-20 (59%)” (as it tends to display) and SGP reports there’s a problem saving the exposure, but seemingly continues running the sequence, simply failing to create the files for the exposures from here on.

I’m using SGP with a QSI 660wsg-8 CCD camera, installed using the latest QSI drivers. The OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. I have just reinstalled both the QSI drivers and SGP, hoping it will address the problem. My camera is connected directly to my computer, on an onboard USB 3.0 port, so no USB hub is in use between the camera and the computer. Moreover, it is being powered with mains electricity through a UPS (same as every other bit of equipment, which none fail).

I will post my log if the problem persists but for now I’m interested in knowing if anyone has encountered this and what they did to fix it. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just to add it that it just happened just before I clicked “Run Sequence”. SGP asked me if I really wanted to start the sequence since the CCD camera wasn’t within a range of the set temperature. I looked and it said “NA”. This is after reinstalling the QSI drivers and SGP I’m going to try the latest Beta version of SGP now.

Ok it just happened again on Beta It’s hopeless. It gives up after a few minutes and just says “NA” again. Here is the log file. Please read towards the end to see the endless stream of errors:


I experienced the same symptoms with a QSI camera and it turned out to be caused by a USB cable failing–a cable that had been working fine for some time. Replacing the USB cable completely fixed the problem for me.


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Hi Andy,

Fantastic, thank you. I’m definitely giving this a try. I’ve asked for my USB cable to be replaced (it’s a remotely hosted setup) and will give it another go on SGP Thank you again. I hope this sorts out the issue for me. It certainly sounds like it will (considering the symptoms and your personal experience).

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So far so good. I had my USB cable changed and SGP has been running connected only to the camera and cooling for a number of hours, without a dropout. :slight_smile:

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