Camera cooling and sequence


I organise my sequences such that the camera cooling only starts at the start of a sequence, which I usually time for a later start. However, camera cooling takes 10/15mn which then delays the start of my sequence. Is there a way to ask for calling to start X minutes before the start ?
What I do right now is set-up a single dark 15mn before the intended start of the sequence. It works but not the most elegant solution.
Thank you


Why not start your sequence 15 minutes before your desired image start time. Then set “Delay first” to 15 minutes, located next to “Rotate through events”.


I use the check box option in the equipment profile of the camera to “cool down on camera connect”. I open the sequence file and connect equipment while I am still doing other things like polar aligning the mount. By the time the preset 10’ cool down time is finished I am ready to begin the sequence run.


The delay option sounds good. Thank you.