Camera cooling issues

please be patient about my “not fluent” english, i do my best.
My issue is that, each time i open a sequence, or change something or, for exemple launch the flat calibration wizard the cooling of my camera is stoped. Even if i say “don’t stop cooler”. So it creates thermal cocks (warming is very quick when no coling on the asi 1600) and after that i have to wait again for the camera to cool down again.
Is there a way to make camera cooling independant of other actions in the log ?
Thank’s for infos about .
Jean-Marc (France).

Yup!.. I’ve found the same thing with my rig (ASI071mcPro)

We need to be clearer about this message. When you say don’t shut off the cooler it means that SGPro will not send messages to warm up or turn the TEC off. We cannot control if ASI turns the cooler off when you disconnect from SGPro. I would contact ASI and ask if they can add an option to control this in the driver settings.

The challenge is to explain how ASI can tell the difference between a temporary disconnect that will be followed by a reconnect, where you don’t want the cooler to be stopped, and a final disconnect where the next action will be to turn the power off where you do want the cooler to be stopped so the camera can warm up in a controlled manner before the power is lost…

This has never been a problem in the past with the cooler being turned off,
where all the equipment remained active. You could reload a new sequence for your next target or up date the Equipment Profile into the sequence, there was never an issue.
What SGPro is doing on either of the above is shutting the camera off, All other equipment stays connected. If the camera is shut off, the cooler shuts down as well. Don’t turn the camera off will solve the problem like it did before.

thank’s for responses

@ Ken and Chris:
for me the question is: why does SGP disconnect the camera when only changig from one sequence to another?
i thought that when i connect the camera it will stay connected as long as i don’t ask for disconnect it.
Could have an option for a post event script asking to disconnect, but it’s not really a problem letting connection active waiting for the morning IF the cooler stay active too.

To be clearer:
even when SGP ask me if i want or not to turn off the cooler, if i say yes or not, it turns it off so i was disapointed.
So you say it does’nt stop the cooler but disconnect the camera: is it possible to ask the log “not to disconnect” ?
sorry it’s hard for me to write in english precisely… but is it clear for you?